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Corporate Insolvency

Our corporate restructuring/insolvency department provides a range of services to businesses who are experiencing financial difficulty. We can prepare a viability report which will quickly assess the viability of the business and recommend a course of action which will assist in corporate recovery.

While our main aim is to assist businesses to recover and continue trading, some businesses can no longer continue in operational existence and an orderly winding down of operations is required. In this regard we can act as examiners, receivers, or liquidators and can advise in relation to schemes of arrangement with trade creditors, the Revenue Commissioners and banks and commercial lenders.

Sometimes circumstances dictate that restructuring simply is not a viable option for a distressed company: cash flow pressures may have become unmanageable or it may be too late to put into effect any restructuring strategies. There may also be other reasons why a formal insolvency procedure may be the appropriate option.

Where we do recommend formal insolvency proceedings, we will fully explain the range of possible options – outlining which one we think is right for your company and for those affected by its business circumstances. Our team of insolvency specialists will review your business and put forward their expert opinion on which option is right for that business.

These include:

  • – Creditors Voluntary Liquidations
  • – Members’ Voluntary Liquidations
  • – SME Examinerships
  • – Formal \ informal examinership creditor schemes of arrangement
  • – Official High Court Liquidations
  • – Fixed Charge Receiverships

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Audit & Accountancy

Our audit and accountancy services encompass much more than just compliance with legislation and standards.

Tax Planning and Compliance

Our in house chartered tax consultants provide tax compliance and planning services.

Company Secretarial

All limited companies are obliged to make annual returns to the Companies Registration Office.

Business Formation

Our experienced staff are well qualified to advise you on the most suitable form of entity to suit your personal circumstances.

Corporate Insolvency

Our corporate restructuring/insolvency department provides a range of services to businesses who are experiencing financial difficulty.

Financial Services

Mulhern Leonard provides a range of financial services and are authorised by Chartered Accountants Ireland to carry out Investments Business in Ireland.

Outsourcing and Payroll

In today’s business environment more businesses are opting to place their accounting, book-keeping and completion / filing of tax returns in the hands of experienced firms of accountants who provide outsourced services in these areas.

Planning and Financing

Realistic business planning is vital for any business. It provides essential information which will assist the entrepreneur with decision making and evaluating alternative strategies.

Credit Unions

Mulhern Leonard provide a range of audit and consultancy services to Credit Unions.

Forensic Accounting

We are experienced in working with solicitors and counsel in formulating and critically assessing financial claims.

Accounting Records

Some people commence to trade without having set up proper systems of accounting and recording transactions.

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